Mazda 3 K&N Performance CAI

Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake Upgrade Guide

Cold air intake upgrades are among the most common performance modifications. Compared to mods like tuning, headers, and forced induction, the gains from intakes are minimal. However, Mazda3 cold air intakes offer a great balance of power gains, benefits, simplicity, and price. It’s a great upgrade to squeeze out a few extra horsepower, clean up the engine bay, and add some unique induction sounds. In this guide, we discuss Mazda3 cold air intake upgrades along with benefits and cost.

Mazda3 Cold Air Intake Benefits

  • 2-7 horsepower gains
  • 2-7 torque gains
  • Improved throttle response
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clean engine bay look

Again, power gains from an intake alone are fairly minimal. That’s especially true on a completely stock Mazda3. Intakes can still offer power gains of about 2-7hp and lb-ft, though. It’s also a great mod to combine with tuning and other basic bolt-ons. Lastly on the performance side, cold air intakes can help improve throttle response.

It’s not just about power and performance with intake upgrades. An aftermarket intake system offers easy maintenance and access around the engine bay. They also look clean and can help spice up the engine bay a little bit.

Mazda 3 K&N Performance CAI

Mazda3 Intake Upgrade Options

There are a wide variety of upgraded intakes on the market, as of 2022, for the different eras of the Mazda 3. Almost a superfluous amount total; therefore, many drivers may be asking what is best for their engine. We aim to save many drivers’ time with our best recommendations for your new upgraded intake options. With that said, let’s jump into a list of our top 3 recommended intakes for the Mazda 3 below.

1) K&N Performance Air Intake System

K&N is one of the most reputable dealers of aftermarket intakes and filters. This K&N performance air intake will be the most expensive option we recommend for your Mazda 3. However, you get what you pay for, and K&N is sure to deliver a high-quality overall product. These intakes utilize a washable and reusable filter for easy maintenance and replacement if needed. The custom-sized heat shield is also a great value, deterring heat or unwanted particles from potentially entering the filter. Less heat and more airflow generally means better engine efficiency and more power.

This intake is a top-shelf option, sure to increase those induction sounds, clean up your engine bay, and add that slight but present boost of extra power. Open intake systems are more readily available for the differing Mazda 3 years and configurations, and K&N is one of the best manufacturers of open and closed CAIs. This K&N performance open air intake is sure to be a dependable and high-quality overall choice.

2) Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

This intake is offered by another notable name within the aftermarket industry, Injen. With an affordable price point, sleek aesthetic, and reputable manufacturer, it’s hard to deny the overall value of this option. Injen utilizes a dry web filter that doesn’t require cleaning, making it easy to maintain.

In addition, this intake is advertised to withstand high mileage and wear without losing efficiency or deteriorating. An economical performance option, it’s hard to deny the balance of values that come with this Injen Intake. A considerable strength that Injen advertises is the “super nanoweb” dry filters that these intakes come along with. This filter optimizes airflow, increases overall filtration, and boosts horsepower and torque.

3) JBR Power Path Stage 3 Intake

JBR offers another open CAI option for your Mazda 3, guaranteeing a performance boost and dynamic induction sounds. This JBR power path CAI comes in a variety of three different filter and silicone tubing colors. It is constructed of molded polished aluminum to allow for maximum airflow. Additionally, the lighter silicone and aluminum housing components should allow to shed heat quicker and lower overall intake air temperatures.

This intake is applicable to Mazda 3s manufactured from 2013 to 2017. Another CAI that is sure to create those higher induction sounds and boost power for drivers seeking a little extra under the hood. Plus, the aesthetics of a clean engine bay with the different color options is a big selling point.

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