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Whether you intend on drifting, racing, or showing off your G37, upgraded suspension is a crucial part of the equation. Coilovers are the most popular aftermarket suspension choice for G37s, and many other vehicles, for a reason. Their adjustability makes them ideal for almost any application. G37 coilovers come in many shapes and sizes and often have different features. For that reason, choosing between them can be a headache. This guide will discuss the benefits of G37 coilovers and hopefully make selecting your ideal set a bit easier.  


Coilovers Considerations

As we covered a minute ago, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right coilovers for your G37. The most enticing aspect of coilovers as a suspension choice is their ability to be raised and lowered depending on your setup. Past simple ride height adjustment, coilovers also often feature damping control, different spring rates, and camber control, which all factor into how your G37 will handle and look. 

In addition to having varying construction, G37 coilovers are also available at multiple different price points. More expensive coilovers tend to have better construction, more features, and adjustability. With that being said, there are budget options out there that strike a good balance between build quality and affordability. 

Adjustable Damping

One of the most common adjustable features on a set of good coilovers is damping control. Shocks control the compression and rebound of the coil springs. They essentially control how far the springs will compress and how much “rebound” they will have after compression. Stiffer dampening will have less compression and less rebound. Softer dampening will allow more compression and rebound which provides a smoother ride experience.

Adjustable damping allows you to be able to control the level of stiffness that your G37 coilovers provide. There are a couple of benefits to adjustable damping. For example, if you install coilovers on your daily-driven G37 that you also take to occasional track days, you won’t want your coilovers in track mode all of the time. If your coilovers have adjustable damping, you can simply put them in a softer setting for everyday use and stiffen them if you are headed to the track. 

Most G37 coilover setups that do not come with adjustable damping are tuned from the factory to fall centrally between performance and comfort. They won’t be the most comfortable, but they won’t be the stiffest either. It is important to assess your needs and make a decision based on how you use your G37. If you do a lot of performance driving and also daily drive your G37, adjustable damping is almost a requirement. However, if you are simply looking for the aesthetic benefits of a coilover setup and don’t care as much about the performance, a non-adjustable set should work just fine.

Spring Rates

Spring rates affect nearly every aspect of a coilover suspension setup. As the springs are responsible for holding the weight of the car, their stiffness matters a lot in terms of how the suspension performs. Softer springs often equate to a more comfortable ride, but stiffer springs allow for flatter and more controlled cornering. 

Because softer springs have more give than stiffer springs, ride height tends to be lower. For those searching for a slammed / stance look, stiffer springs are the better option, as they won’t allow a low G37 to make contact with the ground. 

Spring rates are measured in lbs per inch. A 500lbs/in spring rate means it requires 500lbs of force to compress the spring 1 inch. Therefore, the higher the spring rate the stiffer the ride experience will be.

For daily drivers, you will want a balance of comfort and stiffness. For slammed/stance you will want spring rates on the higher end for more stiffness. Dedicated track cars with top-of-the-line setups actually go a bit softer on spring rates but offer independent rebound, compression, and power adjustments for ultimate tunability.

Lowering Springs vs Coilovers

In general, coilovers are always going to be the better suspension option for your G37. While lowering springs might be a cheaper alternative to fit larger wheels and tires while also lowering your G37 by a marginal amount, the performance aspect is certainly compromised. Lowering springs also lack most of the adjustability that coilovers provide. Most lowering spring options do not feature adjustable ride height or damping control. 

Certain G37 lowering spring options from quality manufacturers can improve performance slightly over stock suspension, but the performance won’t be close to what coilovers can provide. In most cases, it is a better idea to wait and save for coilovers.

Coilover Upgrade Benefits

Outside of the performance benefits and lowering capabilities, coilovers are also one of the best upgrades over old G37 factory suspension. With these cars being 15+ years old now you will notice a huge difference over the factory suspension if you’ve never changed it out before. Also, if you need to replace your factory suspension, coilovers are about the same cost as all the OEM components which makes them a great choice.

For stance, daily driving, track days, suspension refreshes, etc. coilovers are the way to go to improve ride quality and handling.

  • Ride height adjustability up to 4” lower than stock
  • Better handling and cornering control, less body roll
  • More comfortable ride quality than stock suspension and lowering springs
  • Dampening adjustability (with more expensive setups)
  • Best replacement for worn factory suspension

Best Infiniti G37 Coilovers

The term “best” can be interpreted in many ways as far as G37 coilovers are concerned. Since coilovers are the best suspension option for so many applications, it really boils down to the price and intended use when it comes to making a decision. 

For the purpose of making it easy, we’ll break down our top G37 coilover options by price. It can be generally assumed that as the coilover price increases the quality increases. The same can be said here. With that being said, none of the coilovers on our list are poor quality. Entry-level coilovers will be fine for most G37 drivers looking for a slight drop and some added performance around corners. 

Also, keep in mind coilover fitment is different for AWD/RWD vehicles. Check proper fitment before purchasing.

  • Tein Flex Z G37 Coilovers
  • Raceland G37 Classic Coilover Set
  • KW Variant 1 G37 Coilovers

Our Top Pick – Tein Flex Z G37 Coilovers

Best Application: High-Performance Street Driving, Stiffer Stance Option, Light Track Duty

Price: $829.95

Buy Here:


Front: 0.5-4.9”

Rear: 0.6-2.2”

Spring Rates: Front: 672 lbs/in

Rear: 560 lbs/in

Damping Adjustment: 16-Way Adjustable Damping

Tein is a reputable brand that has been in the coilover game for decades. Their Flex Z G37 coilovers are one of the most popular options for those looking for slightly more performance than you get with entry-level options. The addition of 16-way adjustable damping and stiffer springs make the Flex Zs a better track-oriented option.

The stiffer springs also allow you to go lower without worrying about bottoming out or sacrificing ride quality. While the Teins might be stiffer than the previously mentioned Racelands, they also feature a twin-tube design which improves their daily drivability. Adjustable damping means that you can soften the rebound if they are too stiff in factory form.

Like the Racelands, the Tein Flex Z G37 Coilover set comes ready to be installed on all non-AWD 2008+ Infiniti G37s. Unfortunately, the suspension mounting points on AWD G37s don’t allow for easy coilover mounting which is why there are so few options out there. 

Tein Flex Z G37 Coilovers are the best option for those looking to truly reap the performance benefits from a stiffer coilover setup without sacrificing too much comfort. Their price point is very reasonable too.

Infiniti G37 Coilover Summary

The Infiniti G37 is a great car on its own and even better with some performance-enhancing modifications. G37 coilovers are a great option to not only make your car handle better but also look better as well.

There are a ton of G37 coilover options out there at different price points and with different ideal applications. If you are primarily looking for the aesthetic benefits that G37 coilovers can offer, Racelands are an inexpensive and effective solution. 

If you are looking for a bit more cornering performance from your G37, it might be worth shelling out the extra cash for a slightly more premium option. Tein coilovers are known for being one of the best mid-range options for countless vehicles, including the G37. In addition to having slightly stiffer springs, the Flex Zs also offer variable damping which makes them a good option for a daily-driven G37 with track day capabilities.

Finally, if you are looking for a coilover option for a dedicated track-focused G37, KW coilovers are unquestionably the best option. While they are undoubtedly more expensive than the other options on the list, the build quality and specialty experienced offered by KW justify the hefty price tag. 

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer. Pick the set that aligns best with your desired application. 

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