Hyundai 2.0T Intake Upgrade Guide

Cold air intake upgrades are one of the most common engine mods for good reason. This is especially true when it comes to turbo engines like the Hyundai 2.0T. An intake system offers impressive power gains and many other benefits at a reasonable price. In this article, I discuss some of the benefits and designs of Hyundai Genesis 2.0T intake upgrades.

Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Intake Upgrades

Genesis 2.0T Intake Performance Benefits

A performance intake upgrade system has a variety of potential benefits for maximizing the Hyundai 2.0 Turbo engine. Hyundai 2.0T intake upgrades offer gains in the ballpark of 0-15 horsepower. These power gains are a large reason many Genesis Coupe owners look to modify their intake. However, it’s important to note an intake upgrade offers many other benefits including:

  • 0-15 hp gains
  • Torgue improvement
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • Better airflow
  • A better sound

Upgraded intakes can offer power gains in the ballpark of 0-15 horsepower. If you’re adding an intake with no other mods you may only see gains of about 0-5 horsepower. With other bolt-on Genesis Coupe mods and tuning you may see 10+ horsepower from an intake. Torque gains are similar too. It’s pretty impressive for a simple, easy to install mod.

Let’s not forget the cool noise improvements an intake upgrade system can make for a turbo engine! An open intake can free up a lot of induction and turbo sounds. Speaking of, let’s jump in and discuss Genesis 2.0T open vs closed intake systems.

Intake System Designs

Okay, I’ll be honest, trying to write a guideline for an engine with so many variants regardless of the focus on the Genesis 2.0T coupe can be daunting. So let’s just focus on the most commonly upgraded intake systems – the Genesis 2.0T intake system.

Cold air intake can be extremely crucial for turbo engines, as turbo engines use filtered and compressed air that goes through the turbocharger to produce heat. The more healthy airflow your engine has through the filter, the more power it can produce in return. The stock Hyundai 2.0T intake offers drivers and enthusiasts a variety of different modifications for air intake systems. Lets take a dive into the differences between open and closed intake systems below.

Open vs Closed Intakes

Some drivers may consider how necessary (or useless) it is in their opinion to have a boxed intake. The open-air intake does not utilize an airbox. In many cases, the air intake is installed and bolted onto the engine bay with an alternative structure as opposed to the airbox fitments found in many Genesis Coupes. Closed air intakes use a boxed structure to protect the intake filter while still structuring the intake to the engine bay.

In reality, most intake upgrades regardless of closed intakes or open intakes will offer similar performance gains. As many car enthusiasts know, an air intake can increase horsepower generally speaking from 10-15 hp gains due to increased airflow from filters manufactured to restrict less airflow. An intake system, especially in a Hyundai 2.0 Turbo engine can dynamically increase the speed and driving quality of the engine.

Best Hyundai 2.0T Intake Upgrades

In this part of the article, we will discuss some of the preferred and most favored intake upgrade guides for the Hyundai Theta II. It is important to note that before we dive into this list their many options, options, and subjective ways to judge the potential best intake upgrade for the Hyundai 2.0T.

This is just a list of upgrades we compiled that we consider being economical and affordable, while also offering high-quality performance products.

Another important thing to note of Hyundai Theta II engine drivers is that different years and models require different fitments, make sure to specify and guarantee that the potential upgrade you’re ordering will fit your car model’s engine bay regardless of the engine potentially being the same model. Now let’s get into the meat of the article, the actual list of suggested intake upgrades for the Hyundai 2.0 Turbo.

1) Injen Intake

Injen offers a small variety of intakes for the Genesis 2.0 turbo. You will likely be looking at spending around $250 for a new Injen Intake upgrade system from a reputable website or source for 2010 and later model Genesis engines.

Not only will drivers who have experience with this engine immediately feel a difference in performance; they will also receive that benefit of that change in induction noise (which may be a pro or con considering personal preference.)

2) K&N Intake Upgrades

You can’t go wrong with a Genesis Coupe 2.0T intake from a trusted company like K&N. You can find used versions of their Hyundai 2.0T intake upgrades ranging from $200 on auction sites to a recent retail posting on amazon with a listed price of $380.

Results shows this product is dyno-tested to increase engine airflow up to 50%. However, it is important to note that these statistics may vary in each car. The bolt-on Gen Coupe intake kit is easy to install and guarantees an increase in engine sound that many drivers seek out.

3) AEM Intake

AEM is another well-renowned name within the automotive industry. This is an aluminum cold air intake system that promotes immediate improvement in combustion and engine power. The intake system also promotes a 100,000-mile guarantee before necessary cleaning as well the included AEM DryFlow Air Filter.

It’s always important to note that the results of certain dyno tests can vary however online this intake mod has claimed an immediate increase in 15 hp. Its aluminum structure does not come at a cheap cost, however, you get what you pay for especially in relation to car parts.

Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Intake Summary

Intake upgrades are some of the most common upgrades for good reason. The right Hyundai 2.0T intakes can offer power gains as well as numerous other benefits including:

  • Easy to install
  • 5-15 horsepower gains
  • Inexpensive
  • Some also may say the noise alone makes a new air intake upgrade worth it!

For those who find themselves in a situation where they find their engine too loud to their liking after installing an intake upgrade then options such as custom and aftermarket intake system covers.

It’s undeniable that the Hyundai 2.0 Turbo engine would benefit from a new air filter and upgraded intake. The Hyundai Theta II is a fun, affordable, and easy to modify engine – and we hope that our readers use our recommendations to have fun upgrading their Hyundai 2.0T engines.

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