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The Charger Hellcat is one of Mopar’s main beasts at the moment. Packing a 6.2L Hemi V8 producing 717 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque for the 2023 model year, the Hellcat is good for 203 mph and an 11.9 second quarter mile time at 124 mph.

In most cases, you’ll only be able to use that kind of power in one place – the drag strip. And, if you are interested in drag racing your 6.2L Hemi beast, every tenth of a second counts. To maximize your Hellcat’s performance, you’ll want to ensure that your engine is breathing as efficiently as possible. That’s where an upgraded Hellcat Charger intake comes into play. The purpose of an upgraded intake is to improve the breathability of your 6.2L Hemi. Increased airflow results in marginally better performance and lower quarter-mile times as a result. 

In this guide, we discuss upgraded SRT Charger Hellcat cold air intakes, how they can improve performance, and also provide some recommendations if you are interested in installing this straightforward modification.  


Hellcat Intake Benefits

  • 5-15+whp
  • 5-15+wtq
  • Better fuel economy
  • Improved throttle response
  • Louder engine/induction sounds

At the end of the day, the benefits of an upgraded SRT Hellcat intake are pretty straightforward. The three main benefits boil down to increased horsepower and torque, slightly improved fuel economy, and louder induction sounds. As with most performance parts, 6.2L Hemi cold air intakes can vary substantially in terms of their actual performance. That is true for all three of the factors listed above. 

Intake Power Gains

In terms of power gains, it is unlikely that you’ll get the kind of yields advertised by the intake manufacturer. That is with a stock SRT Charger Hellcat specifically. Generally speaking, performance from an upgraded intake scales with other modifications that benefit from increased airflow. Highly modified Charger Hellcats pushing big boost with optimized tunes can benefit significantly more from a cold air intake than stock ones. 

Improved Gas Mileage

Another potential result of installing an upgraded intake is marginally improved gas mileage. Chances are, if you purchased an SRT Hellcat, gas mileage wasn’t a high priority in your purchasing decision. However, you can gain back a couple of MPGs with an intake that lowers intake air temperatures. Lower temperature air entering the engine can result in your Hemi burning fuel more efficiently, improving gas mileage by 2-5 MPG as a result.

Louder Hemi Supercharger Whine

One of the most common reasons that people upgrade their intake, especially on forced induction engines like the supercharged Hemi, is to increase the amount of induction sound that you hear inside the cabin. The stock closed-box intake muffles supercharger whine and intake noise by quite a bit. That might be good for some who enjoy a discreet daily driver. But, let’s be honest, that 2.4L supercharger weep is an enthusiast’s orchestra. Open-air Hellcat intakes will produce the loudest supercharger whine, but closed-air intakes will also improve the sound as well. 

Open vs Closed SRT Intakes

When it comes to SRT Hellcat intakes, there are generally a couple of styles to choose from. You have the option of either a closed box intake or an open air intake. It is important to consider how each type of intake affects performance and enhances other qualities of your 6.2L Hemi engine. 

An open-air intake is one where the air filter is not contained within an air box. There are both benefits and downsides to this kind of design. While open-air systems are less restrictive to incoming airflow, they are also exposed to the inside of the engine bay. This means that intake air temperatures are generally higher than with a closed box design. Additionally, if you are looking for the kind of intake that will produce the most pronounced supercharger noises, an open intake is the best bet for you.

The other form of intake is a closed box design, where the air filter is contained within its own airbox structure. Like open air intakes, closed air intakes have their pros and cons. Because the air filter is contained within a structure, the volume of incoming air is less than that of an open-air filter. However, the closed structure doesn’t allow hot air from the engine compartment to enter the intake. This decreases intake air temperatures and will likely yield better performance.

Best Dodge Charger Hellcat Intakes

Now that we’ve covered the intake basics, and truly just the basics, it’s time for some recommendations. The recommendation list below is a good mix of closed and open intakes from a variety of manufacturers. While some names might pop up more frequently than others in the Hellcat intake scene, all of the recommended intakes below are quality and proven.

  • Livernois Charger Hellcat Intake 
  • LMI Charger Hellcat Intake
  • K&N Typhoon Charger Hellcat Intake System

Our Number 1 Pick – Livernois Charger Hellcat Intake 

Price: $489.99

Purchase Here:

Livernois Motorsports is a premier American parts manufacturer based in Michigan that specializes in specialty parts for late model Ford, GM, and Mopar vehicles. Since their initial founding in 1949, Livernois has been focused on race-oriented parts and services for the local community. Their in-house construction and manufacturing process is second to none, providing only the best parts for the Mopar aftermarket community. Additionally, if you are in the Michigan area, they install all of the parts that they sell. 

The Livernois Charger Hellcat intake is a closed-box system, meaning that the intake filter is not exposed to the interior portion of the engine bay. There are a few reasons why this is a beneficial design. By closing the intake filter from the hot air trapped within the engine bay, the air temperatures entering the engine are much lower. This is better for combustion and engine health overall. The 6.2L Hemi intake is made from mandrel bent steel making it both extremely strong and internally smooth. 

The Livernois intake increases the intake tubing size over the stock system by a significant degree. While the stock intake tube is 3.5” in diameter, the Livernois system increases the diameter to 5.” This increases the volume of air that enters your supercharged 6.2L Hemi. Livernois’ Charger Hellcat intake has been race-tested on Hellcats pushing over 1,250 horsepower with positive results. In addition to the performance increase, the increased induction noise and supercharger whine are another welcomed byproduct.

An Upgraded Intake Is A Great Starter Mod For A Charger Hellcat

Upgraded cold air intakes are one of the most popular and common modifications that you can do to a car. They’re relatively inexpensive, have multiple potential benefits, and are easy to install. That goes for Charger Hellcat intakes as well. While the Chager Hellcat has a pretty solid intake from the factory, as it is fed by cool air coming through the grill inlet, you can gain a little performance and a lot of noise by incorporating an aftermarket intake with the stock lower airbox.

There are plenty of good options out there for a Charger Hellcat intake, many of which are high quality and built by reputable manufacturers. Our overall pick for a Charger intake that balances quality, cost, and performance is the Livernois SRT Hellcat intake. With a closed box design, the Livernois intake ensures that hot air in the engine bay stays out while also increasing the intake piping to allow a greater volume of cold air into your 6.2L Hemi. 

The same can be said about the LegMaker Hellcat intake. An additional benefit to the LegMaker Hellcat intake is its construction from carbon fiber which has better thermal properties than traditional aluminum. The K&N Typhoon is also a solid choice for your Charger Hellcat. While it is an open intake, K&N has eliminated the normal issues associated with the open-air design.

If you have a Hellcat and run one of the intakes listed above, leave a comment and tell us what you like and dislike about it. If you liked this article and are interested in more Hemi content, check out our 6.4L Hemi Intake Manifold Upgrade Guide. As always, safe driving!

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