Which are the best EV tires?
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Which are the best EV tires?

Since storming into the marketplace a few years ago, electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids have started to dominate the new car landscape. From the all electric high performance offerings from Tesla and Lucid Motors, to the PHEVs and mild hybrids offered by pretty much every major manufacturer, one thing is clear: EVs and hybrids are…


3.5L EcoBoost Timing Chain Rattle – Symptoms & Fixes

The Ford EcoBoost has a reputation for being a well-built and reliable series of turbocharged engines. Ranging in size from a 1.3L inline 3-cylinder to a 3.5L V6, the Ford EcoBoost engine series can be found in almost every model in the modern Ford lineup. Like many other manufacturers, Ford moved away from the large-displacement,…