5 Best A90/A91 Toyota Supra Mods

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The A90/A91 Toyota Supra’s release in the 2020 model year marked the return of one of the most iconic tuner cars in history. The previous generation Mark IV Supra is renowned for its 2JZ-GTE engine, which is one of most well designed and well engineered production engines in history. The 2JZ also had almost unlimited potential for mods, so there was a lot of hype when the A90/A91 Supra was released, with people wondering how it would stack up against the previous generation that was discontinued in the early 2000s.

So far, reviews have been mainly positive, and the A90/A91 Supra is already establishing itself as a formidable car. BMW’s B58, twin scroll, 3.0L straight-6 engine powers the Supra, and it is a beast. For 2022, it makes 382/368 hp/tq from the factory, but it still feels like it is itching to take on even more power.

This guide will look at the top 5 best A90/A91 Supra mods on the market today for power and comfort. Not only will we take a look at how to add lots of horsepower, but this guide will also focus on how to make driving and riding in the Mark V Supra more enjoyable overall.

Previously, we have looked at A90/A91 Supra intake upgrades, and this list focuses on other performance mods.Want to find out how to make your Supra the fastest and most comfortable on the block? Let’s take a look at the 5 best A90/A91 Toyota Supra Mods.

Best A90 Toyota Supra Mods - Supra B58 Engine Upgrades

*Eventuri Supra pictured above

GR Toyota Supra 3.0 Engine

BMW’s B58 engine powers the latest generation Supra, and we have looked at it before. It is a 3 liter, straight-6 engine, with a twin scroll turbo, producing 382hp from the factory for 2022. The B58 got a revision for the 2021 model year, which added 47hp through a revised exhaust manifold, decreased compression ratio, and re-calibrated tuning.

While owners of the 2020 Supra might be kicking themselves for not waiting a year to get the revised engine, the 2020 B58 is still a more than capable engine. Any of the performance mods we recommend below will make your 2020 Supra rival any 2021+ with ease. In addition, the revised exhaust manifold and compression ratio really won’t affect performance on all but extreme builds (800+whp).

Supra 3.0 vs 2.0

For the 2021 model year, not only did Toyota revise the GR Supra, but they also added a smaller 2.0L engine option. The 2.0L makes considerably less power and features a turbo 4-cyl instead of the 6-cyl. It also has cheaper suspension, brakes, and differential, just to name a few things. It is not a bad option for a Supra, but it really can’t compete with the 3.0L performance wise. This guide will mainly cover A90/A91 performance mods for the 3.0 engine, but the non-performance upgrade will still apply to the 2.0 GR Supra.

Supra 3.0 Power Limits

The A90/A91 Supra is capable of taking a lot of power from mods. And when we say a lot of power, we mean a lot of power! The internals on the 3.0L are incredibly strong, and people report daily driving 600-650whp without issue. Some people are even going as far as referring to the B58 as a 3JZ-like successor. It is incredibly reliable, even being a performance engine, and it feasts on aftermarket mods.

5 Best Supra A90/A91 Mods

Our top 5 best A90/A91 Toyota Supra mods for the 3.0L are:

  • Downpipe
  • Intake
  • Bimmercode
  • Flex Fuel
  • Tuning

There are a lot of options to choose from for the Mark V Supra, and we balanced performance with practicality and comfort. A 2022 performance car should not just pull like a champ, but it should also be luxurious and enjoyable to ride in. The A90/A91 Supra is already a fantastic car stock, but a few upgrades really push it over the edge. We already covered the top A90/A91 Supra intake upgrades, so this list will focus on different mods.

1) Downpipe (Most Popular A90/A91 Mod)

Upgrading the downpipe is one of the top choices for getting improved performance from the B58 in the Supra. The factory downpipe on the GR Toyota Supra is the most restrictive part of the exhaust. This is due not only to it having an OEM cat, but also because of its small 3.15” diameter.

The stock pipe chokes the exhaust gasses coming out of the turbo and creates a lot of unnecessary back pressure. This results in rather poor flow, which exacerbates turbo lag and reduces responsiveness.

However, a lot of these poor characteristics can be mitigated by upgrading the downpipe. Aftermarket downpipes either remove the cat or replace it with a high flow option, both of which offer vastly increased flow and improved volume. Catless downpipes are not emissions legal however, and are really meant for track/show cars. High flow cats still offer great performance while remaining emissions compliant. Catless versions will also throw a CEL on most cars, whereas the high flow cat option prevents CELs from showing.

Downpipes on the Supra will net 15-25whp/wtq by themselves. Significantly, they do not require any tuning, but it will help performance immensely. They also add an undeniably more aggressive and louder sound for your A90/A91 Supra’s exhaust. The B58 already sounds good with the stock exhaust, but you can really hear it growl with a downpipe. All of this makes the downpipes one of the 5 best A90/A91 Toyota Supra mods.

Top Downpipe Options

We have three recommendations for downpipes on the GR Supra 3.0L. There are many different options on the market, but these are the top options for fabrication, fitment, and performance.

First we have the Mastery of Art and Design (MAD) B58 Catless Downpipes. This downpipe offers gains of 15-25whp and is the loudest option on our list – due to being catless. Furthermore, it has a flex joint to reduce stress on the components from constant heating and cooling.

Our second option is the Active Autowerke Signature Catted Downpipe. The Active Autowerke downpipe features a 400 cell GESI cat which makes it street legal for emissions. It still offers dyno proven gains of 10-18whp without a tune, and it has especially fine craftsmanship. This downpipe is one of the most popular on the market and is used on many builds.

Our final recommendation is the Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Catted Downpipe. It offers gains of 10-20whp and is full 304 S/S and is tig welded in house. The ETS downpipe gets excellent reviews for its fitment and sound, and accordingly it looks and functions beautifully. The ETS is a must consider option when looking at upgraded Supra downpipes. MAD B58 Catless Downpipe

Active Autowerke Signature Catted Downpipe

ETS Catted Downpipe

2) Intake

Intakes are a pretty common mod for the A90/A91 Supra Mark V. We have previously looked at them before in our Supra A90 Intake Upgrade Guide, so we’ll just briefly summarize that here. While some people will argue that intakes on the B58 are useless, it actually does have many benefits. And for anyone running a bigger turbo or higher boost, an intake is a must.

The B58 gains about 5-25whp/wtq depending on if it is combined with tuning. In addition, drivers will have decreased turbo lag, louder induction noises, and better overall throttle response.

Top Intake Options

Our top three suggestions for Supra intakes are the HKS DryCarbon Full Cold Air A90 Supra Intake Kit, Injen SP A90 Supra Cold Air Intake System, and the aFe Takeda Momentum A90 Supra Cold Air Intake. These kits offer a great balance between performance, quality, and cost. Once again, for more information specific to A90 intakes, check out our Supra Mark V Intake Guide!

HKS DryCarbon Full Cold Air A90 Supra Intake Kit

Injen SP A90 Supra Cold Air Intake System

aFe Takeda Momentum A90 Supra Cold Air Intake

3) Bimmercode

The Bimmercode mod is our top practical option for making your GR Toyota Supra much more enjoyable on a daily basis. Bimmercode is a great new app that allows you to customize and utilize hidden features on your car. You pay for and download the app to your smartphone, connect with your car through a supported OBD adapter, and you can start instantly tweaking aspects of the Supra to match your liking.

Some of the most popular customizations you can do to the A90/A91 Supra are deactivating some of the annoying startup warnings on the head unit, enabling the back up camera to stay on for longer, and changing the ringtone for incoming calls. Altogether, there are 15 different options you can customize on the Supra. You can even adjust the air conditioning to your liking and program it to remember your favorite climate control settings.

Bimmercode Supported Options

Supported OBD Adapters

4) Ethanol Flex-Fuel Kit

For anyone looking to make serious power on their A90/A91 B58 Supra, flex-fuel is the go to mod. Adding ethanol to your fuel mix allows the car to run leaner air-to-fuel ratios without risking detonation or pre-ignition. This means serious power gains while staying within a much broader safety threshold. The B58 does see diminished gas mileage from running an ethanol mix, but the lower cost of E-85 helps balance this out. It is also more environmentally friendly.

Flex-fuel kits can be installed on the B58 Supra without any tuning required, but with a caveat. The stock tune can only handle mixes of up to E25-E30 before it starts to struggle with compensation. So, any mixes above E30 require custom tuning to run safely. It is also important to recognize the GR Supra cannot run a full E-85 blend without several other fuel upgrades, like a new low pressure fuel pump and port injection system. Tuners for cars without these upgrades will cap their mixes at E-50 to ensure power with reliability.

However, even with an E-50 mix, these cars are capable of some insane power. Flex-fuel and custom tuning will easily net over 100whp gains from stock. With an added downpipe, the A90/A91 Supra will easily make 500whp all day. Pretty stunning numbers from just a couple of performance mods.

Top Ethanol Flex-Fuel Options

There are really only two choices when it comes to flex-fuel kits for the A90/A91 Supra. The Visconti Tuning kit and the Burger Motorsports kit. They both offer full kits with sensors and fuel lines. The VT kit has a Zeitronix ethanol content analyzer, while the BM kit offers a Genuine Continental sensor. Both are solid sensors, with the Zeitronix getting the edge for its numerous SEMA awards.

Visconti Tuning is the standard for the Mark V Supra, and they have one of the best reputations in the entire community. They are known for their outstanding customer service, reliability, quality, and dedication to performance. Burger Motorsports is also highly respected in the industry and community, and their flex-fuel kit is top-notch. We recommend the VT kit for its superior sensor and optional display, but you can’t go wrong with either option.

Visconti Tuning A90/A91 Supra Flex Fuel Kit

Burger Motorsports 2020+ Supra Flex Fuel Kit

5) Tuning

Tuning is hands down the biggest performance modification for the GR Toyota Supra. With just a tune, the Supra sees gains of 50whp/100wtq. A lot of this comes from increasing the boost, which is only at 12 PSI on the stock tune. Adding a few more mods really awakens the car, and as mentioned 500whp is capable with just flex-fuel, a downpipe, and tuning.

However, there are some caveats to tuning the GR Toyota Supra. Unfortunately, Supras with build dates post June 2020 have their ECUs locked from the factory. This means they cannot be simply flashed over and tuned like previous years and most other cars. They require either a piggyback solution, meaning something that operates outside of the ECU and modifies it, or a company needs to bench unlock it.

A bench unlock often requires removing the ECU from your car, mailing it to a tuning company, and having them send it back to you in the mail. Obviously, not everyone is comfortable or capable of this solution, so tuning can be tricky on the A90/A91 Supra.

Top Tuning Options

For those who have pre-June 2020 build dates, getting a EcuTek license will open the car up to any authorized EcuTek custom protuners. You can also modify the maps yourself if you feel comfortable.

A JB4 piggyback system is a great option for anyone pre-June 2020 not wanting to go the EcuTek route, or anyone post-June 2020 not wanting to send their ECU out. It offers 80whp gains on a stage 1 or otherwise stock car, and is capable of adding maps for any number of modification combinations. It is a plug-and-play harness that connects directly to the Supra and does not require any permanent modification.

For those willing to have their ECU sent out (or with pre-June 2020 build dates), Visconti Tuning is one of the most well known e-tuners for the Mark V Supra in the country. They offer some of the biggest gains for any tuner on the platform, and as stated before they have outstanding customer service. They can tune just about any setup imaginable for the B58 Supra, including bigger turbos, port injection, and flex-fuel.

There are other options for tuning on the 2020+ Supra, but as stated you either need an early build date or have to be willing and able to send out your ECU. Visconti Tuning has established a fantastic reputation in the Supra community, and they are the only ones we feel comfortable recommending for that service. Local options are also available, depending on where you live, so contact local tuning shops and see what they can do.


Visconti Tuning Custom E-Tuning

5 Best A90/A91 Supra Mods Summary

Overall, the A90/A91 Toyota Supra is a phenomenal car. From the factory it is already pretty fast and comfortable, but aftermarket upgrades transform it into a raging monster that can’t be tamed. The B58 is more than capable of handling some serious power, and it wants to be upgraded and modified.

We have looked at the 5 best A90/A91 mods in this list, with an eye towards balancing practicality, comfort, and performance. Not only will these mods make the Supra pull through all gears, but the driving experience will be greatly improved.

The anti-wind buffeting kit is highly recommended and reviewed, and makes the car much more enjoyable when driving on the highway. Not only will the driver enjoy this, but passengers will also see its utility, too. Getting the premium Bimmercode app is great for customizing the car and ridding yourself of frustrating and repetitive warnings. It can also be beneficial for saving time by allowing you to program memory functions for some settings.

Adding a downpipe to your setup will not only offer good performance gains, but it will add an aggressive tone and increased volume to the already outstanding exhaust note. Flex-fuel and tuning transform the car from a modest racer to an absolute behemoth. The Toyota Supra can easily make 450whp+ on pump gas with proper tuning and a downpipe, and those gains increase significantly when ethanol is added. The reliability is also enhanced with flex-fuel on performance builds, because it allows for lower and cooler cylinder pressures and increased knock protection.

These were the 5 best A90/A91 Toyota Supra mods we could find, and we think they will make driving the Mark V Supra an amazing experience. What has your experience been with modifying your GR Toyota Supra? Have you tried out some of these mods yet?

Let us know in the comments below!

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