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Toyota 1FZ-FE engine

Toyota 1FZ-FE Ultimate Engine Guide

The Toyota 1FZ-FE is a 4.5 liter inline or straight-6 engine that was in production from 1993–2009. During its run, it mainly powered the Toyota Land Cruiser and early Lexus LX450. In addition to the fuel injection 1FZ-FE, there was also the carbureted version, the 1FZ-F, and a version that ran on liquefied petroleum gas…
Toyota 1NZ FE engine

Toyota 1NZ FE Ultimate Engine Guide

For more than two decades, Toyota’s 1.5 liter 1NZ-FE engine was one of their most reliable and efficient motors. While Americans never got the engine stateside, Toyota widely used the engine in the Australian, Southeast Asia, Japanese, and Taiwanese markets. It powered more than a dozen cars from 1999–2021, though it has largely fallen out…
ProCharger for Ford 4.6 V8

Ford 4.6 Supercharger Upgrade Guide

Long beloved as one of Ford’s best motors, the Modular 4.6 V8 lasted for more than two decades powering various Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars and trucks. Most prominently, Ford used the 4.6 V8 to equip the Ford Mustang from 1996–2010. This included the GT, Bullitt, Mach 1, SVT Cobra, and SVT Cobra R submodels….

No Crank No Start – Causes & Solutions

There’s nothing worse than being late to work due to your car failing to start. Unfortunately, a no crank no start event is one of the most common issues across all makes and manufacturers, and most car owners have experienced it at least once in their life. To complicate things even further, several potential causes…
Jeep 4.0 turbo kit

Ultimate Jeep 4.0 Turbo Kit Guide

The 4.0 straight-six AMC engine inside many late-’80s through early-’00s Jeeps was one of the best Jeep motors ever. It was extremely reliable, had great performance for its time, and was capable of taking the Wranglers and Cherokees it was inside anywhere. Still, it is woefully underpowered by today’s standards. With the 2023 Wrangler V8…
Ford Barra intercooler

Ultimate Ford Barra Upgrades Guide

Over the last few decades, the Ford Barra 4.0 straight-six engine has grown to almost legendary status in many enthusiast circles. It came in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants, and made as much as 496 horsepower completely stock. The Ford Barra has also become a favored power plant among many Australian tuners and builders….
Ford Barra engine

Ultimate Ford Barra Engine Guide

Often referred to as the Australian 2JZ, the Ford Barra engine is one of the best straight-six engines of the modern era. Though it never made it stateside, the Barra was one of the hottest options for Ford Australia buyers from 2002–2016. Ford made a ton of different variations of it, including both naturally aspirated…